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Mike Schmitt, R.I.P.

R.I.P. Michael Schmitt


Just getting out of the tank? Enjoy “Horizon” by Ralph Zurmühle


J. Balance

J. Balance from Happy Drummers on Vimeo.

An experimental animation project inspired by a poem.
This is a personal technique combining 3d animation and an old printer.

Music: Batwings (A Limnal Hymn) – Coil
R.I.P John Balance

“Galactic Drift” by Phillip Wilkerson


This piece is the very definition of Deep Space Music. I was near the end of
a 1-hour float and felt my body was opening up quite nicely… even laterally
as opposed to the normal head-to-neck elongation, then, this piece kicked in
on the speakers.

Instantly I was cast into expanded awareness. GNOSIS. Silent ecstasy. And the
first hit of this piece was just the beginning. Inner space is unlimited as
“Galactic Drift” reveals. Deeper, deeper, ever expanding into realms
beyond description.

Spacecraft – “Earthtime Tapestry”

On the best space music songs by one of the best space music bands.


Arecibo – 3C147 Beyond The Heart Of Space

"Symphonies of the Planets" – recordings of the NASA Voyager, is also good to space out to…

Ambient Space Music – “Betula Pendula” by Carbon Based Lifeforms

Deep space synth from Korgator

Loscil – Mute – Last.fm

Loscil – Mute – Last.fm.

TMA – Modulus I – music for The Deep Self