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J. Balance

J. Balance from Happy Drummers on Vimeo.

An experimental animation project inspired by a poem.
This is a personal technique combining 3d animation and an old printer.

Music: Batwings (A Limnal Hymn) – Coil
R.I.P John Balance

Boyd Rice – music, spoken word experiments.

It’s interesting how some people can take music outside of ambient space and yet create ambient space. And that’s just what this Anonradio Show achieved. Let’s take stock of how it was done:

  1. Opens up with some Stockhausen. And then some history on Stockhausen given with some rather devoted UK accents.
  2. Then they move into the feature artist – Boyd Rice. “pagan muzak” is the first track
  3. two tracks from the Black Album. the first has some sort of quivering sound. its listenable. you can feel it hypnotizing you. The second is a single loop mainly. What Boyd Rice can do with such a small amount at his disposal is quite something.

The announcer smoothly intersperses some of Rice’s spoken word pieces. Save to say Mr. Rice has some quite unconventional views.