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Spacecraft – “Earthtime Tapestry”

On the best space music songs by one of the best space music bands.


Arecibo – 3C147 Beyond The Heart Of Space

Spark up that phatty, pump this motherfucker up to 10 and blast the fuck outta here!

“Interloper” by Carbon Based Lifeforms

Fuken Grooven. Pardon my Scandinavian. 🙂

Deep space synth from Korgator

Loscil – Mute – Last.fm

Loscil – Mute – Last.fm.

TMA – Modulus I – music for The Deep Self

Abend-Impressionen – YouTube

Abend-Impressionen – YouTube.

“A Journey through Space” – David Parry


Galaxies, nebula’s, stars and planets from the Hubble space telescope, artist’s impressions and various telescopes with spaced-out music

“mothlight” by gnomon

Gnomon image

New York, New York

Ambient soundscape in the sense of ambient put forward by Brian Eno. Music that can be listened to in the background without ever noticing it.

This music seeps through your pores and regenerates your inner flows.

Download and listen to gnomon now.

Solyaris – East Ending


All details at: http://solyaris.altervista.org