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San pedro kicks

I took San Pedro 6 hours ago. It had no effect because I was dripping in acid… I finish my float, down a little blood purifier and chase it with OJ.

HOLY SAN PEDRO makes his Kingly Entry!

And he is ever-present even NOW!

The Power of Relaxation

Floating makes you more and more and more relaxed… first physically, then mentally. Take a trip with me as we see that so many paths see this as their final goal:

From the Zen Mountain Monastery we read:

Scattered mental activity and energy keeps us separated from each other, from our environment, and from ourselves. In the process of sitting, the surface activity of our minds begins to slow down. The mind is like the surface of a pond – when the wind is blowing, the surface is disturbed and there are ripples. Nothing can be seen clearly because of the ripples; the reflected image of the sun or the moon is broken up into many fragments.

Out of that stillness, our whole life arises.

Normally, at rest, a person will breathe about fifteen breaths a minute – even when we’re relaxing, we don’t quite relax. The more completely your mind is at rest, the more deeply your body is at rest. Respiration, heart rate, circulation, and metabolism slow down in deep zazen. The whole body comes to a point of stillness that it doesn’t reach even in deep sleep. This is a very important and very natural aspect of being human. It is not something particularly unusual. All creatures of the earth have learned this and practice this. It’s a very important part of being alive and staying alive: the ability to be completely awake.

The human mind is basically free, not clinging. In zazen we learn to uncover that mind, to see who we really are.

being taught some lessons

So I’m in the tank and I get the notion to visit China. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up, up… then I say: ‘nah, I dont want to float. I will just get out of the tank.’ So I’m getting out ofthe tank, but no dice, I’m going higher and higher, up and out… and I try to look down and see china but realize I need to go out further.

So I’m heading out out and resolve to go ahead and have the Loud Sound pull me back fast and far so I can see all of earth for the benefit of Earthlings.

But some hands grab my shoulder blades and lead me towards a scene.

And there is a time issue. I’m at a course and leave for home. Then I look at my watch. It’s 4:30… only 30 more minutes who would go backto work for that?

So an individual takes me to a house where a woman and child he knows are there. Now, these people are speaking in a rather screechy, guttural dialect – Scandinavian or German and I realize I want to get back to my car. I look ath the balls I have – a soccer and basket one. I decide I can get back without asking this gentleman to take me back.

the acid sin – pleasure need not have this price

I woke up having an argument with my spiritual mother. Remember we both go with love. She is Lawanna Rhine. I am LAWANO ooooo LANOOO. So her name will be abbreviated ‘A’ in the convo below. Mine will be ‘O’ –

A – if you cook food, you are losing nutrients

O – ah, but you assume I am limited to one place in space and time. My body may be, but I am not. Besides, macrobiotics is a cooked food diet with tremendous record of healing all manner of disease. The most important thing is to choose a diet which is not acid-producing. Cooked/raw is not the decider.

Why this argument?

Last night I had a good time. I ate all sorts of tasty vegan delicacies and washed it down with Black Cherry soda. This was a pleasurable sin. If I want to eat cooked macrobiotic meals, that is fine. But eating cooked food in general is a trap that will weaken the power of San Pedro. Or rather, it will continually doing corrective actions, balancing my alkalinity instead of raising my spiritual vibration.


Please understand each sensation you have in the float tank is a message to you from other universes. Your float tank is designed and uniquely positioned for the purpose of freeing beings.

Weekend Meditation Tank Intensive v.2

I really like Biocomputer Zazen. It’s a fusion of Zazen and Lilly’s revelations about the human biocomputer. I describe it here.

Anyway, here is a new tank intensive schedule, designed to make sure that the transition from wake to sleep and sleep to wake are spent in the tank. If you need to opt out of a zazen session for something else, feel free:

We may as well use enumeration and let the numbers represent what we do in military time:

  1. float
  2. float
  3. float
  4. float
  5. float
  6. float
  7. float
  8. breakfast
  9. zazen
  10. zazen
  11. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  12. lunch
  13. zazen
  14. zazen
  15. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  16. zazen
  17. zazen
  18. biocomputer-style lilly reading
  19. whatever!
  20. float
  21. float
  22. float
  23. float


Frank Rodriguez’ slogan for his Aguasal Floatation tank center was: “stress dissolves in epsom salts” — just think about that… you ever been bored in a tank? Guess, what:


But dont take my word for it. Cut out the bullshit 1 hour zazen sessions. Increase to 4 hour float sessions. Sleep in your tank. Kick ass. Rock and roll.

a successful and unsuccesful metaprogram for zazen

I had an idea that breath watching meditation is supposed to be to the exclusion of all other thoughts and everything else was to be blocked out. I had been fighting like a dog using this metaprogram for 1.5 days.

Today, after reading a bit of Lilly (with excellent translation by Beverly Potter), I used a metaprogram very similar to what Chogyam Trungpa once said… when meditating, 30% is on breath. 30% is making friends with yourself, etc.

So my metaprogram was:

  • 10-20% of attention on counting
  • 10-20% on catching thoughts but not chasing them
  • the rest on coordinating those two processes

This was highly successful. I was not as absorbed as I wanted to be. But I did not get off course either.

breath counting is a means to an end

I feel like I have been selling floatation short all day. I have been in the tank, counting the breaths and getting more and more vigilant about it.

I should’ve read the very last line of the Zen Mountain zazen instructions – the natural state of mind is free of clinging…

So just laying there I am free of clinging…

Of course, the issue of objective achievement comes into play… unless I get down to a very few breaths per minute, I have not achieved the relaxation that zazen can offer an advanced practitioner.

two difficulties, one solution

Difficulty 1: an aggravation

I have to attend a pointless meeting every month. I dread it. I can hear the manager now, saying: “So how’s it going?”  — it seems like a small thing,  but the way that she says it and the fact that there is no point to the meeting infuriates me. So, what I realize is there is a chain: (1) the thought of her saying that (2) my evaluation of her saying that (3) the negative emotions (4) the physical clenching on the body. Now, how does one apply the Raw Mechanics of Zazen to this painful thought/memory? Well, I say, we go for the root. Let’s look at the thought of her saying that. Then acknowledge it. Then let it go. Then deliberately and consciously go back to counting. So, let’s give ol’ Zazen a run for it’s money.

Difficulty 2: doing this by myself

I have an urge to partake of the services of Swami Ganga-Puri Kaliuttamananda-Giri. I saw her on Youtube giving Shaktipat and was impressed. She definitely cuts to the chase and has results. But I am sick of relying on others. thoroughly sick of it.