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Floatation tank waiver form

It seems that the floatation tank waiver form is getting a lot of attention. I think I got the original version from the lady who operates Float Houston. I’ve integrated all the suggestions and made it more readable. Enjoy.


Jim Hodgkinson  is a student of EJ Gold. EJ is the primary founder of IDHHB – the institute for the development of the harmonious human being. His poetry below is a perfect echo of the sentiments of my own Gnostic Isolation Temple, a religious order which uses the isolation tank so that the self can find The Self as opposed to relying a church of group to find the self.

EJ is a polyglot. Master-level artist, musician, author and more. He has written many mind-shattering texts and Jim’s poem was written to a facebook group devoted to studying and actualizing his EJ Gold’s text “Practical Work on Self”:

What does “exile” or “separation” mean?
What feelings does this evoke, if any?
The feelings come first as the
Memories begin to form from
That place you thought you
Had safely buried them.

Six years old I wake up
To the sun shining on the fields
And streams beyond our front gate
The purple mystery of Bluebell Wood
Its dark and musty secrets
My solitary quest for the day.

Different than the rest
Of the kids playing in
The Lane I pause
Enviously looking at
The rowdy swirls of boys and girls,
That I want to join but strangely can’t.

How can attraction and repulsion
Co-exist causing perfect stasis
Wanting to belong
Yet knowing even then
That I don’t
However much the longing.

It never went away
This feeling of being alien to this culture
Of having no connection to my family
Or country or planet
And left with the unanswered

So here we are.
Loneliness transmuted to
Being alone
A lesson gradually learned
So that the Absolute
May suffer a little less in this small way.



63 beach ave




[thedeepself] Floating and training the mind to understand its freedom.

Yes, body-mind addiction is an epidemic, so much so that the real is taken to be imaginary and the unreal is taken to be solid and based on fixed law.

Floating is the most guru-free self-driven way to Self-realization ever created. LLJCL. I speak from experience not theory. But always brought attention back the self I think I am.

That being said, Jun 23 – Jul 1, I will be doing an 8-day intensive retreat in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi's Self-Inquiry meditation:

Without an environment of people focused on that goal, I tend to noodle about in the astral, gain causal power and remain in loops everywhere below the Ocean of Love and Mercy… trying to gain freedom as an individual instead of freedom from being an individual. I've resolved to float every day and never have managed more than 2 weeks in a row… 

definitely the first thought is: "I am this body" and it is the cause of all suffering. 

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 8:03 PM, John <alwaysalready1@yahoo.com> wrote:


The deep self is free . The deep self is not a body.The deep self is not an ego. I believe we can know and live beyond our obstructed sensory experience which is basically a prison created by a bodily experience.We are not a body we are free and floating can teach us that fact. WE are unobstructed consciousness totally complete and whole. We can live outside the box of sensory experience and live in freedom and complete happiness.Anyone want to agree with me or have any other ideas about how we can train our mind to live beyond its limitations. Without a thought i am free and thought was not…. in enjoyment it expired.

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[thedeepself] Were do you float ?

I started floating in Los Angeles, CA. I had been studying with EJ Gold and he has Glen and Lee Perry as his students. They suggested floating and a relative of the Perry’s lives in Los Angeles. I tried it and it was quite awesome, save for the bitchy wife who was throwing a fit because they had to be somewhere. I cherished my trauma she created: I’d just come out of the tender womb state and here she was bitching and moaning with no sensitivity to others. But that’s all just a drama I wanted to have, as I see it now.

I floated at one other place in the LA area, some guy’s house. He said that him and a spiritual friend could discuss Theories of Everything with just different language. He could use scientific terms and his friend could use spiritual ones and they could agree. I mentioned that the founder of the International Society of Divine Love, an alternative Krishna Consciousness Organization, said that the spiritual was entirely different. And he disagreed with me. And this is an interesting sticking point. My Inner Light and Sound teacher, Christopher Tims, says that it’s all energy and he just bought Tesla’s Enhancer, a device that pumps hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity THROUGH you and as long as you hold the light bulb, you dont fry. It’s reversing age signs, restoring sensation in seniors with neuropathy, etc.

So then about 10 years passed. I was in Columbus, OH practicing Falun Dafa. They believe the more pain you bear, the better off you are. One Saturday, in the year 2008 or 2009, I said: these people are making me psychotic and I drove 6 hours to Chicago in one day and floated in spacetime tanks center there. They are the longest running center in the US – 30 years or so now. It was pretty neat. I saw how my shoulders were chronically frozen even though the water was inviting me to simply let go. I decided to stay in a hotel and float for about 2 weeks and had a blast – except for the receptionist who always said: “How was the float” when I came out. That’s the last thing I needed – someone asking me to verbalize about the realms beyond speech and language.

So I came back to Columbus, and found a used tank over in Chicago, Frank Rodriguez, who happens to run floattalk@yahoogroups.com, the biggest floatation community on the internet.. hmm, that reminds me… how is www.floatqa.com doing these days? Well anyway, i’ll check later. So I bought his float-to-relax tank and eventually fell into THE QUIET CENTER -
that central low-pressure zone that is infinitely amused by all phenomenal appearances prior to evaluating them as good bad, pretty ugly, etc, etc. I immediately formed a holistic health company and did not plan anything. I bought an orange juice machine, setup websites, etc etc. But I still get calls from Columbus, OH to this day about floating.

So I left Columbus because I felt that computer programmers were not respected and wellpaid there. I resolved to goto NYC where I could make top dollar, but a recruiter brainwashed me into going to Florida. I hung out there for 1.5 years and after  months of living on savings, I withdrewthe rest of my savings, bought a mobile home and bought the equipment ot build a tank and did so. and I floated and paid rent and didnt have a job— not the most sane way to handle things, but it worked out.

I serviced a customer in South Florida and had many more calls and still do. But I was fired from my South Florida job and never was serious about offering floating as a business so now I’m in NewYork City learning how to abide in the seer of all that is seen without a tank, but with the method of Self Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi — and if you can do that in New York with a tank, so you can do it anywhere. But a tank is great training wheels and as long as you get there, why expose yourself to the harshness ofNYC?

— Terrence

On 4/27/2012 11:42 AM, Kenneth Ried wrote:


I Float at Gravity Spa In Beavercreek Ohio. They opened their doors in January, and I have never been happier in my life. I had floated once at another place, but it was a 3 hour drive. They have since sold their tank. I do hope to either purchase my own tank or buld one. I just dont have the space at my current home. But for anyone in the Dayton area who would like to try floating for the first time, the Gravity Spa is a nice place to start. Seems like everyone everyone I try to introduce to the concept thinks I am crazy.

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-- Terrence Brannon ( ID: ) The Quiet Center ( http://www.TheQuietCenter.org )

solid you dissolves in epsom salts

It's amazing how you go into a float thinking you know just what you are. And then the tank melts away large blocks of SOLID YOU.

Layer upon layer of apparently you dissolves with no effort on your part. I have not ever managed to float daily for even 1 month, but I think I need a silent resolve to undertake this.

For only by changing my description can the world around me change – conscious effort is vanity – pre-etheric self-description is the only surefire approach.

TMA – Modulus I – music for The Deep Self

There are no caveats to floatation

A recent tank log:

Once again, many thanks to John C. Lilly for his invention of the float tank. I love the tank and I love my Magic Carpet Sound Table

[thedeepself] John C. Lilly closes his physical life, 9/30/2011, 5:00 am

What a wonderful gift for our Planetside Trip. A completely self-propelled path to Emptiness. Devoid of any focus on Inner Light and Sound, hence my enjoyment of the tank only. But to have so much stripping away of self-defeating patterns available in one single device is simply amazing.

I'm happy that John C. Lilly sucked it up and continued at Caltech even when it got hard. I'm happy that he inquired about a way to reduce input to the brain so that a single thought could both occur and be measured, for it led to this wonderful device.

I'm amazed at his bravery in the use of psychedelics.


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Notes:   John C. Lilly closes his physical life on 9/30/2001
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Floating, Duh

Well, I tend to use the hottest tap water I can find to fill the tank, because the hotter the water, the easier the salt dissolves. Of course most tap water has chlorine in it. So when it comes to chlorine, the float community is divided. Tim Strudwick is big on chlorine. Kane Mantyla and myself and many others are against it. But it's easier, so I just use tap water. I dont think H202 offsets it. Of course, you could look into whole house filtration. But this is more a general question, so it would benefit the community to (re)ask it at floatqa.com

Yeah I was aware of the same thing during my return to floating. Floating definitely peels off layer after layer of tension. It also makes it easy to tune into the "inner sound", which is my meditation/spirituality path. But that's another good general question for floatqa… I check there at least once a week.

There are certainly more direct systems for working with human body use – Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Balance Institute, Rolfing, etc. I guess it depends on what floats your boat 🙂

— Terrence

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 10:27 PM, Anthony wrote:

For supplements (although I'm sure you have good resources), I've found Organic India (www.organicindiausa.com) to carry high quality Ayurvedic herbs with great customer service. For pretty much everything else, Vitacost (www.vitacost.com) carries it. They have grown over the years that I've used them and have become a bit more commercial – I'm no longer sure how their prices stack up against the competition (but always free or $5 shipping is a plus). Regardless, it all adds up $$ wise pretty fast. My "problem" is perhaps taking too many supplements. I need to study more to see which ones play off of each other and which ones mask the other's effects.
Anyway, thanks for the links. These are all great resources. It's good to know there are like minded people out there trying to achieve similar goals with their life experience. I believe the next year will bring even more people around, as consciousness of our general population elevates.
I suppose I'm set to order everything. One question that I didn't see asked while browsing the Q&A – is regular tap water okay to fill the tank with? It seems the added chemicals would cause a problem unless filtered. Or does the H2O2 help to offset this?
From what I can tell, you're a pretty heavy computer user yourself. My neck and trapezius are always tense, whether I'm aware of it or not. I certainly was super aware of this during my first float. And when I thought I had relaxed, I discovered another layer of tension. Do you find floating to provide somewhat lasting relief – or at least, an awareness of how you're carrying yourself?
Thanks again for your time and have a good evening!

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:50 PM, Terrence Brannon <thequietcenter@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Anthony,

This is a link to my teacher's tuning forks class info: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/A-Message-from-Order-of-the-Blue-Star.html?soid=1104773211478&aid=K0k4i6HiR2c

I tried the pondmaster but it didnt seem to do much. A combined system that does all the pump and filter is attractive, but it didnt seem to be getting any debris.

Thanks for the compliment on laying it out precisely. I should've done a youtube video going over the design too. I cant remember how much salt I used. I bought 1000 pounds. And about 4-6 months later, I bought about 500 pounds just to keep stocked but that should last for well over a year since its mainly just me floating.

That sounds like a good price. They are pretty unwieldy but not heavy. I have moved them in and out of the float room by myself (not without a bit of drama, but I've always managed to do all my tank stuff by myself 🙂

Did I point you to the general site for float questions – http://www.floatqa.com/
And we have a group for metaphysical floatation tank discussion too – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedeepself/
And of course there's the big kahuna – http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/floattalk/

Hmm I wouldnt say that I maintain it throughout the day very much. But that's because I'm an inconsistent floater who does it only when I feel like it instead of everyday. Removing stress theoretically could be as easy as taking Holy Basil or Rhodiola, so they break down cortisol (the stress hormone). I'm actually getting more focused on supplements because of my tuning forks teacher.

— Terrence

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 3:14 PM, Anthony wrote:

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply (delayed response, I think not). Unless you're coming up to Palm Bay in September of next year, I still have a little planning to do before any action is underway! It's just a thought at the moment, but that's a start. And action, technically. The tuning forks are interesting. My mom has become very active in using them within the past year, and has several sets. One of the perks of going to visit!
That's an extensive pumping system. So do you no longer recommend the one listed in your store (the Pumpmaster), or did you even get a chance to use that one before switching to hydrogen peroxide? I fully agree that an inside tank is preferable to one left outside and exposed to the elements. I have just the spot for it inside, too, but was trying to compromise of course! I find it hard to believe that so few have contacted you about your design. Or easy, really, because you do lay everything out pretty concisely. Oh yeah, and was it about 750lbs of salt you put in initially?
I just got a shipping quote for the two containment tanks – $260 shipped or $210 for local pickup. Yikes! It is what it is though, and still cheaper than the alternative.
Thank you for extending your personal number and allowing my learning experience to be part of your blog. If it's easy enough to do so, can you remove my last name and email from the post? Merely to maintain privacy, for what that's worth.
Do you find that, with increased floating, the sense of stillness attained during the process is maintained throughout your waking day?