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Message via your Google Profile: Floating, Duh

Hi Anthony,

Sorry for the delayed response. I'm happy that you plan to open up a float center in Orlando. I will be coming up that way for a course on tuning forks in Palm Bay, FL on Sat Sept 21, so I could possibly pop by. Yes, I just got out of my version 2a tank and I'm happy with it as a cheap floatation tank — a cheap floatation tank is invaluable because floatation is so good for you. I think this pump/filter system would have been good:

I own it and it is completely unopened. I personally just use hydrogen peroxide these days, because I've been too lazy to setup that pump filter system.

As far as piping, with my tank design, you would be setting up piping that would be manually placed in and out of the tank — this design is very waterproof – no chances of leaky piping ,etc. Just a view L-joints from home depot and you would be good to go. That's all theoretical though, since I just use hydrogen peroxide and nothing else.

You could have the heaters on, and then you could float for a longer time without noticeable temperature change. I tend to float 1-2 hours with no heater on and no problems. And once I did 7.5 hours with no heater on during the float – it depends on how internal you go. Yes, the GFCI does prevent shock guard theoretically, but one thing I've learned in the tank is that your deepest thought patterns become real realities and more than once I've mocked up an entire electrocution scenario just based on my fears. So I simply play it safe and unplug everything. Some sensitive people say they can feel the electromagnetic interference of the heaters, but I tend to leave the physical plane when I float, so that is not much of an issue with me.

Well you have a bathtub inside so why not a float tank? But depending on the temperature, it might be hard to deal with winter if it gets cold because your heaters would be fighting against that. and would the outside area be safe for electrical wiring?

This is actually the 2nd question I got about my design. The 2nd in about 4 months.

During the week after 6:30pm, feel free to call 818-359-0893 with questions. On the weekend, anytime is fine.

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Anthony Chetta <anthonychetta@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Terrance, Hope all is well with you man. I pulled up your blog the other night and appreciate your insight and time. I just got back from AZ for work and had the privilege of floating (the place was actually less than ten minutes from my hotel). Although I’ve wanted to float for some time, there’s no facility located in Orlando. Seems odd, right? I’ll have to open one. Anyway, I’m on to building my own tank to start with, and have reviewed your version 2a instructions. Good stuff! I’m assuming you yourself still float in a beefed up v2a tank? In that regard, I have a few questions if you don’t mind! – So do you still recommend that same equipment, or have you found better since (pump specifically)? – What kind of piping do I need? I’m not familiar with how to set these pumps up (actually built a water-cooled PC a while ago, I’m assuming similar idea). – And is the reason for not having the heaters on while floating because of noise? Because the shockguard eliminates any potential water/electricity issues, right? – How much salt do you use? I’m hearing 750lbs+ is standard. – Also, since I’m living with my girlfriend in a house her parents own – she suggested placing this outside! Any potential downside to this that you can think of? Humidity, water overheating (you know, FL heat)? Obviously I’d have to pick a quiet spot away from a/c units, pool pumps, etc. Thank you for your time, I’m sure you get a lot of the same questions often! Anthony


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surreal experience

My work in [Christopher Tims]{http://www.ChristopherTims.com) mystery
school is starting to pay off. I entered the tank and began to
relax. Funny how the tank is the only thing on earth you enter and
learn to relax more and more. I suppose other things have this to some
extent – massage for instance.

# Who's there

But anyway, at some point, I had some extended flying going on. Then I
came to "waking state" and was ready to leave the tank. I heard some
sort of doorbell start singing a song (and I dont own one like
that). My partner went to the door to see who it was. I said "let's
really see who it is" and I exploded through the top of the tank and
shot up 50 feet in the air to observe the higher self of the
visitor. The explosion was accompanied by a high-pitched sound kind of
like people being beamed up in Star Trek.

# Operate bus idependently to find part

Eventually, I found myself on a bus and realized I needed some
hardware parts. I opened a panel and found some independant foot
pedals and started controlling a vehicle for myself. I saw "Hurd Ave"
but knew that was a red herring. I realized I really needed to know
exactly what parts I wanted before calling the store for directions
and tried to get settled. At that point "Hurd St." showed up and I
realized I had found my destination.

# front and back

So I'm at this office/rooming house and one of the live-in girls says
"would you please copy this on the Canon front-and-back because I'm
not getting any exercise and these are positions you can dance to and
do while you are doing normal things. So you can stay in shape." Well,
I take the paper, but have to go home to find my speech? The
proprietor has a funny look on her face. She thought I said "speed"
and that I was a drug addict. I feared she would search the whole
place and find my legal psychedelics. And then the cops would escalate
the legal psychedelics into something illegal even though it
wasnt. But I would have my camera on them the whole time they were
cooking something up.

# the parrot

Before I can get back downstairs, the lady comes up and tells me about
a parrot who can bark out the exercise instructions. I look out the
window and see a colorful parrot with a blonde top. Well I say he
looks nice. Then I see a blonde-hair man with white skin shimmying up
a pole like a gorilla. He looks like half an ape with the thicker arms
and body. And I see a human head. The human is having casual
off-the-cuff conversation with the apeman in the tree. I come over to
look and realize the man is 3-stories tall. He walks away. The upper
body from head to hips is normal size. But the legs are super
long. Like the ones you see in a circus. He walks over to a group of
people getting ready for dance practice.

Shaquille O'Neal is there and they start dancing. The tall-tall man
simply walks about, not joining them.

tank sleep – only significant reports from here out

sleeping in the tank has proven it’s worthiness. there is no need for further posts unless something of note occurs.

Today was interesting. It was like I was trying to get out of the tank, but the top of the tank was pressing my face underwater. I was literally coughing up water in the dream and moving away from the caved in side of the top to the other side, repeatedly.


Second float of the day and it’s just too weird

As John Lilly said in “The Deep Self”, people will not reveal what occurs to them in isolation for fear of rejection. And yes, it has finally happened. After 7.5 hours of tank sleep, I awoke, had a brief planetside trip and was dragged back into the tank, [Steropsis](http://vimeo.com/channels/labpartner#17685206) style.

And the incident occurred at the house I occupied from age 1 to 11. And that’s about all I will be revealing about this long lucid “dream”

is it a pond? is it a pool? is it a spa device? an aquarium?

Building a floatation tank from off-the-shelf parts is an adventure. The tank is a pool or spa to government health and safety boards. Pool and spa parts also work well in floatation tanks because of the high volume capacity they operate under. My friend uses a Hayward pump 3/4 HP and DE filter… standard pool products.

Tim Strudwick uses inline heating and filtering like what you find on a spa device for his i-sopod.

And I use aquarium heaters in the Black Beauty.

I probably will use Lifegard aquatics aquarium filters for my tank. I really dont want to assemble all of those parts, but I think a pond filter just wont have the pull I’m looking for. Pondmaster clearly didnt –http://vimeo.com/20834595

7-hour tank sleep session

Wow. And I feel like the tank is my natural home for sleeping. About half-way through, it was a bit stuffy, so I slid the hatch over a bit and continued floating. I did 7 whole hours.

I think it’s very important to transition from sleep to waking in the tank, so I hope my subconscious will not program me to avoid the tank sleep on this upcoming night.

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tank sleep – as I relaxed the neck…

I realized: hey I’m floating up up and out! I was exposed to toxic smoke for about 2 hours prior to getting into the tank and I really focused on totally relaxing the neck, every single muscle fiber.