float tank is a portal to hyperspace

I have been doing a meditatoin intensive all weekend – http://www.ohfloat.com/?p=94

and finally quit doing zen in the float tank. in a float tank, your mind naturally moves to the non-clinging state. why sit there and cling to the breath and body? So I finally dropped that.

Did some reading in Center of the cycle and then Programing the Human Biocomputer.

I started a float session.

I appeared in a basketball gym. I was showing the person there how I could do pirouttes and fly to the gym ceiling. He didn’t care.

I decided to come down and travel this time without a body. So I put my body on the ground and then left it… next thing I knew. I opened the door to my float tank and I was in someone’s backyard. I was afraid I would be seen nude there so I left.

I arrived in a place where my tractor was in the way. I watched a person bulldoze it out of the way. I followed him along the dirt road (this road is similar to a road I saw when I was a little kid – I suppose we have some way of re-stimulating and re-assembling memories from former points in time for some reason or the other).

then I saw my pickup truck and two other trucks up front. Then I came hurtling back to this dimension. I was flipping over and over… kind of like those chickens you see on rotisserie racks….. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I was choking on water and spitting it up in the next moment.

Then I finally got back to this reality… whoa!

many tanks to Kane of floatmatrix.com for his 2 yields 3 philosophy.

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  1. Hey, QC. Know what you mean about repetitive images. I had two houses in the town I grew up in that I had bought to get away from things. These were “in Soul” and many were the times I would find myself at them in the dreams and wonder why the grass was so high and if I had made payments. And the bus I would take to the wisdom temple that when they let me drive over the treacherous road in the mountains, I would drive off the edge. Guess not my time to take charge, eh?

    Thanks for pointing out the Float Matrix site. I’ve downloaded the books available there. They seem similar to The Secret and Napolean Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich. They might resonate with my son or daughter. My son is on a track to personal responsibility, finally. Though he tends to overstep his bounds. Don’t know where he got that. lol.

    Just found this great site that is very much on the track pursued by Eckankar. http://www.spiritualtravel.org/spiritualtravel.html#top
    A lot of on target explanations of what’s going on and the goals of the individual. Worthwhile. I think you’ll like it. I’m not done with all of it myself. Just found it a day ago. J. Denosky, when Googled has other works online but the spiritual travel site rang with me.

    Much love minorwork

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