the sound itself is the teacher ; the tanks sews it all together

This is a long post because so much has happened in the past few hours.# cops

I took my friend to do a massage at a hotel at 1am. I laid down to sleep and a strong feeling that I was about to be attacked surfaced. I ignored it, but it came back again, strongly. So I looked around and decided maybe I should move to an area a little less secluded. Too late! A cop started approaching me started asking for id and wanted to search my car for drugs and I refused. Then a backup came and threatened to bring out a police dog and sniff for drugs and any hint of drugs would lead to 3 days in jail. I again refused. This went on for awhile until they finally left.

At times, I would try to radiate loving-kindness. At other times I would listen for the inner sound. One thing I never did was take full responsibility for the creation. One year of causal plane training with Spiritologie and I’m still acting like a victim.

# inner light

So anyway, I climb into my tank for stress release right after me and my friend get home. Then the next day I receive some info on an inner light technique that actually works:

I tried it a few times and enjoyed the resulting visuals. Then I was still stressed so I decided to jump back into the tank. I did forget to turn everything off so the heaters were running the whole time (grin).

# tank

So the tank session just led to deep deep sleep for about 2 hours. And as soon as I came awake I listened for the inner sound (as taught by Christopher Tims – and caught it. At that point a whirling torus of signs and symbols began to unfold in front of my eyes. And none of it was created – I simply had to tune into the sound.

I dont know how successful I would’ve been with this technique On Land. I’m certain that the Inner Sound alone is all you need, but these other training wheels sure are nice.

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