electric body out of control hovering

So, I’m in my zen float tent and I feel the tension in my forearms. Lots of tension from so much computer use. I figure: “oh well, this is going to a physical float and it will be that way until I float enough to get rid of this tension. probably weeks of daily floating is going to be necessary.”

But then I noticed big holes in my arms where the tension was. Then I noticed the pelvis was tight. I figured: “wow, the tank is great at finding and releasing tension.”

So then it felt like my arms were being zapped with low voltage. I got worried and figured I was being electrocuted. This is the 2nd time this has happened and in all my years of floating, it never happened. I figure that Orgasmic Medtation was the reason that I had that electricity. But I notice my heart is just fine, so I ignore it. Then the electricity is so powerful it is humming. and it seems like I do a forward flip out of the bottom of the tank through a vortex.

And suddenly I’m walking through a college food plaza. I realize that I left the house naked and say – “Oh my god, i will never do this again, let me fly back secretly.”

So I try to fly back and fly low but I keep not being able to choose y direction. I get blown backwards again and again. and i’m flying backwards fast and I worry that instead of going through buildings I will crash.

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  1. Reading a bit on your site 🙂 So you got a zen tent? How is it so far?
    I’m contemplating to buy one – but I really would like more width for the arms… Almost settled on building a fiberglass container – was going through some of your plans – could I ask you a question about heating?

  2. Yeah I got a zen float tent. It works fine. There is some odd issue with the thermostat clicking on and off rapidly for minor temperature fluctuations. But all in all I am happy with it. The concept of a non-solid bottom terrifies me. But it definitely is a brilliant piece of engineering overall.

    Great sanitation and heating. And I put it together myself in under 8 hours.

  3. Cool! I think it’s excellent that floating has become more accessible with the zen tent.. I would love to buy one but as I said I would like more width. My favorite position of the arms is palms up going out from the sides of the body. That leaves me needing a 70″ wide tank. Building one in fiberglass is pretty straight forward:

    BUT i don’t know what to do with heating. I was thinking you could put a waterbed heater in the bottom of the fiberglass. Not outside the wooden frame but stick it somehow directly to the fiberglass. Or do you think that’s a bad idea? Should I go with in-water heating and some aquarium heaters instead?
    I’m concerned about maintaining steady temperature and the cost of running either method – don’t know what would be most efficient. I don’t have any experience about this, so if you have any advice it would be really great:)
    (oh and I live in Denmark, 220v)

  4. regarding position of the arms – I float to leave my physical body behind. So as long as I can go internal long enough for that to happen, the position of my physical arms does not matter much to me.

  5. Thanks Terrence – I appreciate it a lot!

    I like your solution with the aquarium heaters – seems very simple – easy to install and easy to get to if needed..

    What has been the difference in terms of power consumption for you between your waterbed heater and aquarium heaters solution?

    And could you leave the aquarium heaters on while floating if you wanted to?

    (8 hours float – I’m yet to try that;) )

  6. I had radiant heaters. I never got waterbed heaters to work very well. I cant comment on the actual power consumption anyway – I just use them and pay the electric bill when it comes 😉

    The aquarium heaters are always on in an aquarium and never electrocute the fish, so it should be OK. Install a GFCI if you are concerned with electrical issues.

  7. Hehe yes – that’s generally how I do – use and just pay when the bill comes – was just thinking if it was a huge difference..

    I’m gonna have around 220 gallons – so 1300 watts split by 2 heaters right?

    The link in your section about Temperature control & monitoring
    “300W is just fine for 300 gallons when you speak of waterbed heaters” is not working anymore (website dead I think?). I would have liked to read more about that. I don’t really have much knowledge on electrical stuff. So when I read I need 1300-1600 watts I’m just thinking that my next power bill will lead me to bankruptcy – but I’m probably wrong.

  8. You are on 220V, so you can use much higher wattage without blowing a fuse. So I would do 1600W. And make sure to only heat unsalted water at first. And preferably put hot water in there so you are just maintaining the heat instead of creating the heat.

    Yeah, that link is dead. I couldnt find it on the Wayback Machine either – https://web.archive.org/web/20110130025347/http://ask.floattalk.com/

  9. Thanks man..
    Was just on the phone with a dealer of (titanium) aquarium heaters – he said that their 500 watt element could easily heat 220 gallons saltwater up to 93.5 – he did it himself he said. What am I not getting here? Is it because of the much higher salt content you need more watts?

  10. Well if it works, let me know. I could be entirely wrong. I certainly would heat the water without salt first in all cases and then slowly add the salt.

    But again, the way I do it is to put VERY HOT water into the tank and dissolve the salt in very hot water and then the heaters just have to maintain the temperature.

    And I presume the heater comes with a thermostat?

  11. Yea I hear you – hot water in the tank to start with – dissolve – and then just the heater to maintain temperature… Yes the heater comes with a thermostat – or I mean the guy recommended me this one to get along with it:

  12. http://www.trixie.de/en/prod/Terraristic_Digital_Thermostat,17594

  13. regarding heating – waterbed heaters will work. My Float to Relax tank used Aztec radiant heaters and they provided heat through the fiberglass shell just fine.

    I personally use submersible aquarium heaters and put them inside the water and then turn them off when I float – I dont use heat when I float.. neither does the i-so-pod tank. Your body radiates heat for the first hour of a float according to Tim Strudwick (developer of the i-so-pod).

    I’ve actually floated for 8 hours with no heat and no sensation of the physical world with no problem. But that was on my birthday, a special day 😉

  14. I’m not an expert in tank construction. Have you seen these plans – http://www.isolationtankplans.com/welcome/

    … and they have a do-it-yourself forum on http://www.WeFloat.net where you can get help… there’s also the floattalk mailing list.

  15. Oh yeah – I guess you can ask me about heating… also visit http://www.WeFloat.net for the community site.

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