hatha yoga is nice, thai massage is better…

but until you let go of your own baseline of resting tension, you are wasting time and money.

just a few minutes in the tank will reveal to you what you are holding onto — physically at first.

then the physical unwindings occur automatically.

pretty soon ,the subconscious floats free and clear as well.

but I’m only at the physical unwinding level for now.

2 Responses to “hatha yoga is nice, thai massage is better…”

  1. a lot of the “pain” that one feels is nothing more than you squeezing your body together. I learned that from my Thai Massage therapist Travis.

    I feel “pain” in the neck area when I float, but over time it melts.

  2. Built a nice tank and have been floating weekly since last November. Was initially bothered by neck pain but no longer notice any undue neck problems. On the other hand I have been plagued by ragged breathing in more relaxed stages. It feels like wake full sleep apnea or such. Something to do with the ulna or soft pallet maybe. Definetly becoming a hinderance.

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