a tank shipping tale

I bought the Oasis that was advertised a few weeks ago here. Our first angle on shipping was to separately crate the tank, the spa pack and the 8 50 lb. bags of salt and then use Fedex. But using Fedex for delivery from Chicago to Columbus was 850.00 with a 55% new customer discount…. and that price was without the additional 400 pounds for salt. So, the ideal thing would be to have a mover who has a truck and has a more flexible way of charging. I first posted an ad a uship.com – this would’ve let one person handle the whole pack/crate, load, drive and unload job. The bids on shipping Maria’s tank from coast to coast were excellent compared to the Fedex rate – http://moving.uship.com/shipment/Floatation-Tank/505105010/ Of course, the problem is you are dealing with people you dont know. But usually the rating system will tell you how good a shipper is… which brings us to the choice I opted on. I decided to simply use https://movinghelp.emove.com/ I had to rent a 17 foot u-haul. This cost 329.00 The labor broke down into: * Gas – 280 * Tolls 6.00 * Rental car to return home: 80.00 * load help in chicago – 235.00 * driving from Chicago, IL to Columbus, OH – 410.00 * unload help in Columbus, OH. – 120. It only took 2 people to unload in Columbus, even though they recommended 4. So the labor total was 834.00 The movers I used (Good Day Movers, Harvey, IL) had 1200 5-star ratings. They have 5 years of rock solid history. I was a bit upset at the terms of delivery. I had to send money via Western Union or Moneygram to a person (not a business) for all estimated labor expenses in advance. I was upset at this and after discussing what I was doing with Moneygram they asked: why cant you handle a business transaction by paying a business? Eventually moneygram refused to send the money electronically (because the description of what I was doing sounded like fraud to them), so I had to go in-person to send it, knowing full well the risks involved. I wanted to use Paypal so that the money could be taken back if I had issues. But it would’ve taken 3-5 days to clear and they had already loaded the truck. So I crossed my fingers and took the plunge and it worked out. So basically emove.com is just a website which allows you to pick an independant shipping/packing company. So each time you use it, you will encounter different terms and different levels of professionalism. Total shipping cost – 1160.00. I think that is a pretty good price. What do you guys think? The big damage was the drive. And again, the way to reduce that cost is to find a mover who has his own truck because Uhaul will murder you with their per-mile charges… not only that, but you are also paying the moving crew per mile as well.


The total shipping cost was:

  • 834 labor costs (couldve been more if I had paid for 2 plane tix instead of them driving back)
  • 211 – unload in Columbus
  • 400 driving
  • 100 tip

so the total was 1500 bux for moving.

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  1. Okay, so fedex was $850, Uship was $260 (per the link you showed) and the emove deal cost $1160 and required you to wire money (never safe) to an individual? It looks to me like you chose the most difficult, risky and most expensive option by almost $1000? What am I missing?

  2. well fedex was 850 _without_ the additional 400 pounds of salt, which at 50 cents per pound would have added 200 more dollars, making the total 1050. On top of that, you have to add crating fees for 3 items. The material for crating would be 300 dollars and then hourly wages for the crate-maker. And then unpack on my end would be more time consuming.

    Uship is fine if you can wait around for people to bid, but I was in a hurry to get the tank before the month ended.

    And the key thing about my fedex rate is that I was given a 55% new customer discount. .. meaning, I wont be able to count on a reasonable rate in the future.

    And dont forget Columbus is very close to Chicago… imagine a longer shipment…. definitely important to have other options.

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