My first professional float in my Float to Relax tank

I have owned my Float to Relax floatation tank for about 5-6 months now. However, I was never serious about the specific gravity of 1.25 or the water height of 10 inches. Nonetheless, the last 5 months have been nothing but improvement. And the time I took off to setup the pump, filter and water and salt cost me in terms of self-improvement. But it was well worth it. The final thing to work on is the temperature above the water and that will come with using a smaller room and  digital heater… I am WIRED. And yes, I knocked out tons of body tension… moved from skeletal tension to releasing that. To muscular tension… then we can finally get at MIND ITSELF…. Look out baby!

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  1. Congratulations for your start as a “professional floater”! And keep on improving and learning. We are doing the same here in Germany.

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